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" Four Generations of Service & Integrity "

How much does it cost to clear my land to build a home?
How do I demolish an existing building?
What are the costs to build a lake or pond?
Who do I contact to apply for building permits?

These are a sample of questions that we get everyday. It is important that all details are addressed when you begin your project. We have the experience to get your project completed efficiently and at the best price.
Free consultation & estimates @ 281-222-3840

If you planning new construction, expanding a current facility or demolishing to start over, let our passion in what we do, provide your project top notch performance and unsurpassed quality.
We continue to find the latest technology and value engineering that creates costs savings to all stakeholders and maintains our clean safety record.
Affirm Land Works can provide you with a Turnkey project or just a single phase.  We have the ability to mobilize quickly and get the job done.

So just give us a call @ 281-222-3840 for a Free consultation and estimates

Prepping Lay Down Yard-

Building parking lots, pipe yards, access roads, detention/retention ponds, erosion controlled channels, if it involves, timber management, land clearing/preparation, structure demolition, soil or other aggregates, we can do it.

How much to build a lay down yard to get that new contract from a new customer in the oil and gas industry?
What factors to consider in choosing a home site on your land?
What permits are required for my building project?
If you need answers and quality service, Affirm Land Works will provide above expectations.

 Select Fill Aggregates

We economically move large amounts of materials each year. Clear and improve property, lots, easements,pastures,acreage and right of ways.
All land debris removal is TCEQ compliant.

If your needing a construction pad for building and want quality materials with a plasticity index (PI) that meets certain Engineering requirements, we got you covered.

 Ponds,Lakes, Dredging and Erosion Control

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